We have worked with a number of vehicle manufacturers to get their vehicles type approved in Europe.  Providing paper work, calculations and organising vehicle inspections.  We have also supplied and fitted axles, suspensions and brake kits approved for the Australian market.  We also have axle ranges approved for the North American market.

To check for clearances and to get a clearer view of our axles and suspensions on your vehicle we can provide 3D models.

We have a team of engineers based in Ireland and the UK who are there to answer any queries you have and we are constantly improving our product support manuals and bill of materials

We can provide a turning circle calculations to check your vehicle complies with the European turning circle regulations or give options on fixed and steer axle arrangements.

We can do a range of EBS programming and diagnostic checks and can perform end of line testing.

We do brake calculations on your vehicles and can provide options on brake chambers sizes and lever length options if needed and can check your vehicle brake efficiency meets your export country requirements.


We have a large facility in Naas, Ireland as well as facilities in the UK and Poland.
This allows us to keep strategic stock for our customers to reduce lead times.

We also have the ability to manufacture round beam axles in house to cover any change in demand or supply chain delays.

We have a large commercial spray shop on site and for many customers we finish paint their products for them.

To increase our customers production and reduce production time we weld suspension components to axles or fit required brackets for our customers.

In order to ensure the consistency to the highest tolerances we have a wide range of axle and suspension jigs at our production facility.

We have an in house co-ordinate measuring machine arm which we use to do quality control and maintain jigs.