Vehicle Conversions FAQ’s

Ask our Experts

Q: How much extra can my vehicle carry ?

A: Typically an extra axle can take an 18000kg vehicle to 26000kg vehicle, a 26000kg vehicle to a 32000kg vehicle subject to correct wheelbase configurations, tyre sizes and capacity of axles.  Local regulations may allow even higher masses depending on vehicle usage.

Q: Can I manually lift and lower the additional axle ?

A: Legislation from early 2000’s regulates that lifting axles are to be automatically loaded when the other axle/s they form a bogie with become fully loaded, so if lifting the axle causes overload of the original axles then the axle will automatically lower. If the axle loading allows the driver can manually raise the axle from electrical switch in the cab.

Q: Can I convert a brand new vehicle ?

A: Depends on your countries local department of transport rules and procedures. UK allows chassis of over 5 years old to be converted using our library of approvals, newer vehicles would have to have a brake model report completed by VCA.

Q: Will the chassis manufacturer endorse the conversion ?

A: For extra axles chassis manufactures are unlikely to endorse the conversion unless they specified it, for wheelbase and change of use conversions the chassis manufacturer needs to approve it.

Q: Can we fit an additional axle to our vehicle ?

A: Fitting an additional axle is a skilled job and requires experience. Once installed the new axle changes the dynamics, loading, braking and vehicle approval and these all need to be addressed before installation. Granning can recommend an experienced converter to install an additional axle on your vehicle who will lead through the process.