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Granning Axles & Suspensions

Supplying “axle and suspension solutions” to many industries has been our main business for over 27 years. We manufacture drum and disc brake axles for trucks, trailers, agricultural machines and screening crushing and mining equipment. Relying on our quality and depth of engineering support, we offer solutions from concept to production giving companies greater flexibility coupled with modular assembly.
Designing transport solutions We offer a full engineering and design service. We have a broad range of expertise in the Truck, Commercial Trailer, Screening and Crushing, and Agricultural Trailer industries

Stockists and service centres – over 100 across UK and Ireland Key components from Worlds leading brands.

Supplying bespoke solutions for over 30 years

Granning Axle

Axle Options Overview

As the only axle manufacturer in the UK and Ireland we have the knowledge and experience to meet your axle requirements. Our axle brakes are independently tested and certified. We can supply drum brake and disc brake options in both fixed axle, steer axle, FDC and stub axle variations. We can manufacture non standard track lengths and camshaft length options. We also have a number of different axle beam sizes and brake sizes.

Suspension Options Overview

Granning has a wide range of suspension options to suit the varied needs of our customers. As well as providing mechanical, air and hydraulic suspension options we also have a range of suspension capacities, ride heights, axle seats, air bag offsets and suspension stiffness possibilities. We can provide a complete package of axle, suspension, brake chamber, slack adjuster sets as well as providing brake calculations and set drawings.

Custom built Bogie

Bogie Options Overview

We have manufactured a wide range of bogie options for our customer from economic chassis designs with mechanical suspension and handbrake options to full chassis designs, air suspension, EBS braking and remote control hydraulic steering. The end goal is to provide customers with a ‘turn key’ product which connects to their machine with minimal effort, conforms to the regulations of the machine destination and has all the back up information of turning circle calculations, brake calculations, axle certs, bill of materials and drawings. We also provide bogie customers with additional products such as landing legs, kingpins, light kits, European approved crash bars and brake kit components.