Heavy Duty Walking Beam

S HB WB 001

Suspension Specification

2 x 15000Kg load at 105Kph

11 Leaf 120mm wide leaves

Spring centres 840mm

Laden Height 570mm/Unladen height 625mm

Axle Specification

420×220 brake 140mm square axle beam

TUV axles with rear self steer axle

Track 1860mm Hubface to Hubface

10 Stud M22 280mm Spigot 335 PCD

Shown with Type 30 chambers

Hydraulic Suspension

Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension is supplied with a control system to allow the suspension setup to maintain a constant ride height regardless of the vehicle load. This setup is advantageous to vehicles with a high center of gravity and agricultural vehicles working on rough ground. The hydraulic suspension also has double acting hydraulic rams which also the axle to be raised which improves turning and manoeuvrability when unladen.

Future improvements include the development of slope control for vehicles continuously working on inclined terrain.

The Hydraulic suspension kit includes :

Hanger brackets

Spring and clamp group


Hydraulic rams

Control system

Hydraulic Suspension